About Me

Who I Am.

I am a graphic designer based in Providence, RI. I have always had a passion for graphic design & advertising since my early high school days, and have been pursuing it ever since. I graduated from Johnson & Wales University in the Spring of 2025, and I have been creating many projects and expanding my portfolio immensely. I excel in my ability to create brand identities, and I also enjoy creating illustrations and editorial pieces. Some of my favorite platforms are Adobe Illustrator & Adobe InDesign, however I am knowledgable throughout the Adobe Creative Suite.

What I Like.

When I’m not messing around on basically any Adobe site in my spare time, I’m most likely blasting music and going for a long drive, experimenting with photography, or doing community service and fundraisers with my fraternity. My imagination is something that never fails to excite me, so I’d love to let everyone see what I can do.

Education & Extracurriculars

I am currently working towards a Bachelor of Science Degree in Graphic Design at Johnson & Wales University in Providence, RI. I will be graduating in Spring 2025, and have maintained a GPA above 3.6 throughout my college career. I am also going on my second consecutive year of being the Vice President of Tau Epsilon Phi Fraternity at my college campus. This role has shown me leadership, created friendships that will last a lifetime, and also allowed for me to expand my graphic design skills by creating flyers, designs, social media posts, etc.