Aperture Magazine

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Aperture Magazine is a small-sized magazine that I designed for my Editorial & Publication class. I was required to create a fictitious concept for a magazine and design spreads, such as articles, interviews, and original photography. I decided to make my magazine about instant-film photography.


When starting this project, I wanted to do create a magazine that could relate to the current generation of teenagers and youths, so the first thing that came to mind was photography and instant-film. I wanted all of the photos to consist of people within the age of this targeted audience, and I wanted the illustrations and imagery to really appeal to their aesthetic.

Final Product

Using Adobe InDesign primarily, as well as Illustrator, I was able to design a professional magazine brand identity that revolved around instant-film photos that appeal to the photography community, as well as the teen community who find this type of photography aesthetically pleasing. It consists of articles about new or up-coming photography trends, an interview with a photographer, as well as photos and advertisements.​​​​​​​