Cone Cartoons

Branding, Illustration


Adobe Illustrator

Adobe Photoshop






Cone Cartoons is a cartoon company that I created that has a target audience of teenagers, older youths, and adults. I had to create a brand for a company of my choice in my Branding class, and I needed to have deliverables such as: logo series, uniform, merchandise, social media ads, vehicle wrap, website ads, cover letter, envelope, schedule, and business cards.


When starting this project, I knew I wanted to do something more exciting, fun, and made for an older/teenage audience. I wanted to challenge myself by using many illustrations, so I decided on a cartoon company with bright colors and adult humor, silly characters, and adult humor. I started with drawing fun and personified objects and knew what direction I wanted to head towards.

Final Product

Spending a lot of time working in Adobe Illustrator, messing around with colors, and having fun creating illustrations, I was able to put this brand together perfectly. I was able to print all of the necessary deliverables listed above and look forward to gathering the merchandise I created to expand this project.

Additional Photos