Ganymede Hospital

Branding, Wayfinding


Adobe Illustrator

Innovation Lab






Ganymede Hospital is a fictitious and futuristic space hospital that I chose to create a brand for during my Wayfinding class. For this project, I had to create a brand, as well as a kiosk, a digital component, and design a map for this fictitious place.


With this project, I wanted to take a futuristic turn, but with as much professionalism as I could. My first idea was a hospital, but wanted to make it more interesting by reaching for the stars and branding a space/futuristic hospital. Most hospitals seem to be branded very simplistic with red colors, crosses, hearts, etc., but I wanted to put my own unique spin on this.

Final Product

Mainly using Adobe Illustrator, I was able to create a full futuristic and space-themed brand for Ganymede Hospital. Along with this assignment, I created a physical prototype with the tools provided by the Johnson & Wales Innovation Lab. It was created with acrylic plastic, paper, and a machine that engraved and perfectly cut out the design.