Messis Organic

Branding, Illustration, Packaging


Adobe Illustrator






Messis Organic is an organic food company that I created with a Greek theme behind it and targeted for middle/upper class people who are interested in organic foods. For this assignment in my Packaging Design class, I was tasked with creating four different types of packaging for one brand: bread container, milk carton, butter container, and an egg carton. I was also tasked with creating 2 website pages for desktop and mobile.


For Messis Organic, I wanted to create a sophisticated and higher-end brand that would produce quality food that was more expensive than others, due to it being organic and from Greece. I leaned towards darker colors and detailed illustrations/patterns to help convey a sense of luxury within the brand. After creating a unique logo and illustrating a Greek column design, I understood what direction I wanted Messis to head towards.

Final Product

With the use of Adobe Illustrator and original photography, I was able to successfully create the Messis Organic brand. I finished with 2 static website pages available for desktop and mobile, as well as designs for a milk carton, egg carton, a box for bread, and different box designs for butter.

Additional Photos