Oro Cologne

Branding, Packaging


Adobe Photoshop

Adobe Illustrator






Oro represents a high-end men’s fragrance brand  I conceived  for my Design Theory & Practice class. The assignment required students to design and hand-craft packaging for our chosen brand. I designed and constructed 3 artifacts including a box, a bag and an authentication certificate for Oro.


I knew I wanted to create a high-end cologne brand that stood out in a bold and powerful way. When initially creating a non-digital physical prototype in my freshman year of college, I decided a year later that I wanted to create this same brand digitally for a more professional feel. With several iterations on packaging and marketing elements, I was able to expand Oro’s brand.

Final Product

With the use of Adobe Illustrator and InDesign, I was able to make a brand identity and packaging designs with an upscale look that would appeal to men with sophisticated taste. For this product, I created a digital design for the packaging, the bag it would come in, an authentication card, as well as a billboard advertising the product.