Soul Valley Brochure

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Soul Valley is a fictional company that deals with spreading awareness for mental health, specifically targeted for children, teenagers and college students. I had to create an intricate brochure design that was more than just a standard tri-fold brochure, so I chose to go with a snake fold to show the complexities of mental health.


When coming up with the concept of Soul Valley and creating a complex fold, I knew I wanted to do something corporate, but also colorful with interesting imagery. I wanted it to be targeted towards older children/teenagers, specifically college students, since they tend to be going through more stress than others. With the use of proper imagery and bright colors, I knew I would be able to get the important information on mental health across to the right crowd.

Final Product

The Soul Valley brand successfully came to life within this snake fold brochure through great use of color, layout design, and relevant imagery. The use of shapes and a great typographic hierarchy was able to shape this brochure into a great means of spreading important information on the mental health of teenagers and college students.