Typography Card Deck

Editorial, Typography


Adobe Illustrator






The typographic card deck project is a deck of cards that resemble playing cards, but the designs tell of different serif and sans-serif fonts, as well as patterns on the back and a brief history of each one. Having almost complete creative freedom, I made half of them not identical to the rest to create almost 2 decks of 12, and made the color pallets opposite of one another.​​​​​​​


When creating this deck of cards, I knew I wanted to contrast the sans-serif cards completely with the serif cards. I chose to make all the sans-serif font cards black with gray accents and then the serif fonts white with black accents to contrast each other, also with the location of the letters on them. Creating the patterns on the back was very fun and came to me naturally when creating them. 

Final Product

To create this deck of cards, I used Adobe Illustrator for the patterns on the back, then brought it to Adobe InDesign for better print options. Being able to round the corners on each card, as well as creating a matching band to hold the cards together, also added to the professional steps taken to ensure this deck looked as sophisticated as possible.​​​​​​​